It’s Valentine’s Day! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

β™₯ Every summer, I walk by the spot where I met my DH, twenty-seven years ago! I was sixteen – hard to believe I was only six years older than Son1 is now. Each year, a travelling fair used to visit a field near my parents’ house. Today, the space is mostly a car park, the field nowhere near as wide or open as it was in my sixth-form-college days. Portacabins hint at more development to come.

I was introduced to DH-to-be by the Teacups, by a friend of a friend, and can remember small details as though it were yesterday: the cacophony of sounds and music, all clashing horribly; the bright lights glinting in the night sky; the acrid taste of diesel fumes; the jerry-built rides.

DH-to-be in 1989. Knot finally tied 15 years later!
DH-to-be in 1989. Knot finally tied 15 years later!

We rode the Waltzer at least twice. Spinning faster and faster, neck tossed backwards, I think I screamed, only for a Cockney-sounding voice to boom, β€œThe louder you shout, the faster we go.” The operator threw a lever and the ride exploded with noise, twisting, twirling, lights blinking. We staggered off, swaying, and lurched to a van selling food, enticed by the scent of hot dogs, burgers and onions.

Each ride and stall was abuzz with excitement and so was I! I’d noticed his American twang first, so exotic to my provincial ears. Then I fell for his dark looks, his jet black hair with a hint of a curl. A leather jacket hung from broad shoulders, denim jeans covered the other half of his skinny height.

On the big wheel, shining bright and vivid like a circle of diamonds in the sky, he told me he lived in Kuwait (I’m not sure I even knew where that was!) and wanted to fly planes. Amazing how things have come full circle: from those early days when he was at a British boarding school to our lives now, with two kids, in the Middle East.

Happy Valentine’s Day DH and all my lovely readers! β™₯ Circles x

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  1. Naw! What a sweet story. And 27 years! What an achievement. Your story reminded me of my husband and I. Although we were 18 when we met and it wasn’t in quite so fun circumstances (it was at uni!). It also took us 12 years to get married. You guys are such an inspiration and I hope you have many more happy years together.

  2. What a sweet story! I, too, met my DH quite young (I was 13, he was 15) and he was my first boyfriend. We met when our fathers were working on the same project in the US. He had recently moved from Bangkok, and I had come from Taipei. Of course, as in every true TCK love story, our meeting was followed by international moves: he, to Manila with his family and I to Germany with mine. We crossed paths years later when we were both back in the US for uni and finally got married 13 years after our first meeting.

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