Electronic coupon surprise

I love Groupon. Ever since I first discovered it, I’ve watched the daily emails pop up in my in-box and clicked on the messages to see what the deals of the day are.

For those who don’t know Groupon, it’s a middleman shopping service offering up to 70 per cent off some great things to do, see, eat and buy in Dubai.

It’s kind of like the Robin Hood of the 21st century, allowing anyone to enjoy restaurants, hotels, spas and luxury goods that they wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

Among a few other things, I’ve bought a fishing trip for DH for his birthday and a keratin hair-straightening treatment as a Christmas present for myself from DH.

I’d probably spend a lot more if it wasn’t for the fact that HSBC in Dubai sends a text message to my husband the moment I use our credit card with the amount of the transaction – which seems to reach him even if he’s in deepest Africa and I can’t actually get through myself.

STD Groupon goes viral
Today, when I clicked on a newly arrived Groupon email there was a Look Gorgeous Hair Pampering Package and, next to it, a photo of a smiling couple lounging on a bed, along with the words:

‘Give Yourself Peace of Mind with an STD test at Scientific Clinical Laboratories’

The discount was undisclosed due to healthcare ad regulations, but there was some information on how sexually transmitted diseases are passed on and which STDs are checked for.

A money-off STD Groupon – hilarious. And the thing that really tickled my humour: The little gift-wrapped-box icon and button saying ‘ Buy it for a friend!’

Just in time for Valentine’s day.

8 thoughts on “Electronic coupon surprise

  1. Molly Gryskiewicz says:

    STD groupon hilarious…but I can’t get over that DH is getting text messages about your spending habits, that kills me!!! Chris would probably try and disable that feature on his phone/credit card, he never wants to know how much things are that I spend money on πŸ˜‰

  2. One can only assume that the persons buying the STD packages are *not* having instant text messages about the purchase being sent to their significant others…either that, or I guess it could be used as a first step in what could prove to be an awkward conversation.

    I need to see if there are Groupons in Seoul – you’ve inspired me!

  3. You can get the SMS thing removed!!! My very irate husband called them after I’d been on a spree in the mall. He said there were just some things a husband shouldn’t know, and my every move in the mall was one of them!

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