Good-bye plastic bags

I’m not turning into an eco-warrior, I promise (with two small boys I’m far too worn out), but a comment from a good friend of mine on my last post is really worth elaborating on.

The nifty stunt she told me about combines two of my favourite things (bags and making lists), and, if you live in the Middle East, is coming to a supermarket near you soon.

As I mentioned, here in the UAE we are, for various reasons, consuming more than our fair share of the world. And when it comes to plastic shopping bags, the statistics are eye-poppingly bad.

The UAE is using more than 20 billion plastic bags annually, a figure that’s sparked such intense debate within the emirates that the Minister for Environment has ordered the country to go cold turkey by 2013: that’s right, by next year the UAE is to be plastic-bag free.

To promote Tide laundry detergent, the creative brains at Dubai advertising agency Leo Burnett came up with this reusable shopping bag that doubles as a grocery list.

Resembling a notepad, you write your list on the bag (fruit & veg, milk, bread, sellotape), then wash it afterwards and it’s ready for the next shopping trip. Elegantly simple, huh? The customers, fashion editors and bloggers who were sent the Tide Smart Bag (along with a marker pen and a box of the detergent) were impressed too, and so the plan is to make the bags available around the region.

If anyone from Tide just happens to be reading this (I’m tagging you now, 5 times), please send me one – I’m in the supermarket practically every other day and would be a great walking advert. Plus I reckon the bag could be a sanity saver too as the kids could doodle on it rather than pestering me for cartoon-character-endorsed junk food at every turn.

Customised and eco-chic, even I might remember to take this bag to the supermarket if it had my list written on it.

8 thoughts on “Good-bye plastic bags

  1. N&G says:

    But it’s just too small for a weekly shop…you would need at least half a dozen of these bags. It’s time Dubai got a grocery delivery service organised with returnable bags. Where are you, Tesco, Ocado??

  2. I hope they come up with this type of bag for yard waste (grass, branches, leaves, dead animals, etc. What we have to use now are large paper bags and I’ve had the experience of the bottom of the bag falling out from damp yard waste. . .I didn’t discover the yard waste spread down my driveway until I turned around.

  3. motherinferiordubai says:

    Nice PR gimmick, I *really* wouldn’t be walking around with my shopping list on show for all – but YAY for re-usable bags!

    • Hello Dubai writer! Yes, I don’t think I’d walk round the supermarket with it, like the PR photos show! I’d keep it flat-packed in the trolley, me thinks, until the checkout. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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