Middle East meets Miami

It’s warming up in the desert (highs of 39°c / 102°F on Thursday and it’s only March!).

While this was (hopefully) just a blip, a reality of living in the United Arab Emirates is while other parts of the world are celebrating the arrival of spring daffodils (like these) and life bursting forth, in a few short months we’ll witness life being scorched.

But the good news is the rising temps mean it’s beach season – and I’ve been here long enough now to know we need to make the most of Dubai’s beautiful seaside in Spring, before it gets too hot to go to the beach in July and August (lobster is not a good look, but is what you get if you brave the burning-hot sand and soup-like ocean during the hottest part of the year).

This weekend, I discovered a beach we’d never been to before – and decided I loved it so much, I’d like to move there.

Lapped by the aquamarine waters of the Arabian Gulf, Sunset Mall beach is flanked by gorgeous Miami-style condos, with views of Dubai Offshore Sailing Club boats as well as ducking-and-diving kite surfers.

If you tire of this driveable and surprisingly shrubby beach, you can walk to the adjacent glass-walled Sunset Mall to browse the newly opened high-end fashion boutiques inside.

Beach and shopping: now there’s something for everyone!

With fish, kite surfers and sail boats, there's lots of entertainment on Sunset Mall beach

6 thoughts on “Middle East meets Miami

  1. Wow, it does sound very much like Miami – but doesn’t look quite so crowded. Enjoy your spring – we are still waiting for ours to get here!

    • Such a peaceful beach – this photo was taken on a Friday – the holy day here and when everywhere gets really busy. Perhaps I shouldn’t be telling everyone about it!

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