Not-so-Silent Sunday: Drum roll

Children’s birthday parties are practically a sport these days and here in Dubai you can host a party on a bus, on a boat, in a limo or at a waterpark. Alternatively, you can have a party at home and hire entertainers, magicians or, I’ll put money on it, even fire eaters or dwarfs.

Sensible parents get sucked in, too, and I did laugh this weekend when I walked out our front door and saw that our neighbours across the road were holding a party that had the potential to cause a right racket. Whether the most unbelievable din was created or not, I’ll never know as it was all over by the time we got home. Brave parents!

I did wonder if they’d given their next-door neighbours a heads-up…

2 thoughts on “Not-so-Silent Sunday: Drum roll

  1. So fortunate you all don’t live in apartments! We once had a drumming seminar as part of a team-building exercise for our faculty. I’m not quite sure what we were supposed to get out of it, but I will say it was fun!

    • I’m guessing it could be quite therapeutic! They do this thing called Desert Drumming here which is meant to be really fun – and only the camels to disturb!

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