Parents are JUST like rock stars

I saw this on Facebook today and thought I’d share it here as suddenly assuming rock-star status has done wonders for my evening. Enjoy!

How being a parent is like being a rock star:

The eye bags add to the up-all-night rock-star look
The eye bags add to the up-all-night rock-star look
– Endless hours on the road with too many people in the vehicle

– Your job is to entertain a room full of loud, writhing maniacs

– If you do your job well, people ask you when you’ll produce more

– You ask yourself daily: “Am I tripping? Or did I really just see that?”

– Your name is always shouted, never spoken

– Someone is always pulling at your clothes

– Groupies follow you to the bathroom

– There’s a different person in your bed every night. Sometimes even two

– At the end of your work day, you’re sweaty and your hair is a mess

– Screaming is just part of the job

Thank you to Kim at, who wrote this and whose blog I’ve just discovered.

7 thoughts on “Parents are JUST like rock stars

  1. Natasha says:

    Parents are like things that come in pairs (shoes,socks,earrings,gloves,etc),you lose one,but you’ve still got the other.

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