Questions about heaven

My 7 year old is beginning to work out that we aren’t immortal and has lots of questions about heaven.

I was walking past the boys’ bedroom tonight, as DH tucked them up, and overheard a rather deep conversation about the after-life, which made me pause and linger outside the door a little longer than I meant to.

“Are you a child or an adult when you go there?” he asked. [Perhaps best not to discuss this at bedtime.]

“And what do you do in heaven?” he continued, resting his chin on the bunk-bed rail. “Are there lots of fun things up there?”

I couldn’t really hear DH’s answers, but Son1 carried on in earnest, his interest clearly piqued.

“How does everyone fit on the cloud?” [I craned my neck at this point to try to hear how DH would explain the metaphysical cloud.]

“Can I take the iPad Daddy?”


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6 thoughts on “Questions about heaven

  1. Linda Storey says:

    There was me attempting not to break down in tears completely when one of Rosie’s childminder’s died a couple of years ago and I was telling her that we’ll never see Anne again because she’s gone to Heaven. First question: Will she get breakfast in Heaven? Second question: Why can’t she just ring us if we can’t see her again? All reasonable. How does she know what and where Heaven is when she hasn’t been there?

  2. We had this discussion far too early, as my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer when #1 was only 4 ( #2 was an infant) and ‘heaven’ was a concept he was only vaguely aware of. Doing our best to prepare him for what was coming and trying to make the discussions matter-of-fact and not too scary for such a little boy was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. So good that this discussion took place – it sounds like it was much more entertaining than the ones I had!

    • I’m so sorry to hear your Dad didn’t get to see his grandkids grow up MsC – what a difficult time that must have been, losing your father. I bet he’d be so proud of you guys today. xxx

  3. Teresa McCluskey says:

    Well, I tell you – I’m with him. If you can’t take your iPad I ain’t goin!

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