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It’s well known that in the UAE, companies can be quite specific about the nationality of the staff they wish to hire. A recent job advert, for a receptionist, specified that “only attractive women from the Philippines, Russia or Arab countries need apply”. But job ads on Dubizzle get quirkier than that:

Odd-sounding words galore! If you can conduct interviews with ‘the big persons’, you’re in

2 thoughts on “Send CV with pretty photo

  1. LOL! Maybe you could suggest they hire you as a translator or English Speaking expert! I always find translations interesting–especially English from Chinese (google some examples, they’re hilarious!).

    • There was just a funny one from Hong Kong on Asia Vu’s blog: ‘No washing of clothing in the changing room/toilet’ – which, I have to admit, to me conjured up an amusing image! There is a lot of work here for English writers -the twisted, tangled, translated sentences I’ve seen would stretch to the moon!

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