24-hour Sherpa shopping

Dubai is known for its swanky malls and shopping festivals, and over the past three weeks it’s even been possible to indulge the habit at 3am on weekends.

Shopaholics, insomniacs and jet-lagged tourists were treated to round-the-clock shopping at several malls across the city as part of the Eid celebrations – though I hear it was mainly the food outlets that visitors flocked to in the small hours rather than the stores.

I wasn’t one of them – NOTHING, not even a night shopping deal would drag me from my bed and to the mall in the middle of the night, but we did end up at Mirdif City Centre on Saturday, where I found myself browsing the shop windows with a mixture of frustration and envy.

The stores are crammed with swathes of winter clothes – jackets, sweaters, faux furs, scarves – of the Sherpa variety.

I mean, have I missed something over the past four years in Dubai?

Like a big snow.

Cutsie winter clothes that my children will never wear in Dubai. When I popped in to look for a UV sun top, the assistant told me, “Sorry Ma’am, the season’s over.” Over! It’s only just begun!
I’d love to be able to wear this jacket, but if I did I’d feel like a boil-in-the-bag dinner. I know items like this are targeted at the tourists (despite surely not being any cheaper), but couldn’t stores like Gap, H&M and M&S modify their winter collections for Dubai? Per-leez?
And this shop window just takes the biscuit: HELLO! Do you know where we are? THE DESERT!!

8 thoughts on “24-hour Sherpa shopping

  1. Marianne could you tell me something more about that twisted skyscraper you pictured in your last blog? I found it really interesting. Thanks. p.s. coo, damp and dreary here .. .no sun.

  2. I know, it’s crazy. I tried to buy a new swim suit for Joli once but it was obviously the wrong season, couldn’t find anything!!!

    • And it is surprisingly cold in the snow dome! We all went in there one summer and I was sure we wouldn’t need gloves (so hard to imagine the cold when it’s 115 degrees!) – well, within about five minutes, my DH had to go back out the exit to buy everyone gloves!

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