Silent Sunday: 5k race day

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I blogged about regretting signing up for a 5K race on the Palm in Dubai.

Well, I did it! I’m quite proud actually, because I’m honestly not a runner, this was my first race and I truly thought I might be trampled under foot by a pack of joggers.

My DH, who was in charge of the camera, even took a picture of the ambulance, in case I got carted off in it and wanted to blog about it later!

Nearly 4,000 women from 71 different nations took part in the 5km and 10km races, creating a sea of pink along the Palm Jumeirah on Friday
Neck and neck with my mother-in-law: I wasn’t a happy puppy at 5.30am in the morning when the alarm went off, but on the home straight – with the finish line in sight – I managed a smile, despite the humidity

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