Silent Sunday: Eid

Tower with a twist
It’s the Eid holiday here in Dubai. The weather is finally perfect (87° and sunny), the children are off school, and by a stroke of luck my DH’s trip to London got cancelled.

Thank you, crew scheduling! (and thank you, DH, for not disappearing off to Tokyo instead.)

We’re just coming to the end of four days of family time, and thanks to the mercury dropping, we’ve been outside nearly the whole time – honestly, we tough it out through the long hot, sticky summers for glorious days like these.

Since water-based activities are still the order of the day, we kick-started Eid with a dhow cruise around Dubai Marina – and I just loved the twisted tower, pictured left, that we sailed past.

But the thing that made me laugh was that while we were on Captain Jack’s family wooden boat – sitting comfortably on enormous bean bags atop the deck of the beautifully varnished vessel – several super yachts sped by, one with a pair of bikini-clad blondes at the helm who turned the heads of the dads on our boat.

How children change everything, I smiled to myself!

The view from Captain Jack’s boat
The pleasure boat I bet half the dads wished they were on!

6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Eid

  1. We arrived in Dubai a few days ago, and have been pleasantly surprised by the lovely temperature – perfect for us ‘beginner’! Have enjoyed reading up on life here in Dubai on your blog.

    • WELCOME to Dubai! You have come at a good time! So glad the blog is useful! Hope you start to feel settled very soon – it sometimes takes a little while to find your feet, but you’ll love it soon! Enjoy the lovely weather 🙂

  2. Oh, I’m sure your DH wouldn’t have traded his time on Captain Jack’s boat with the family for anything, even if he did glance at the other one! ; ) Enjoy your perfect weather – in Arizona, we couldn’t wait for November 1st, because the weather invariably cooled down right about then!

  3. LOL! I loved the comment on the photo ‘the pleasure boat I bet half the dads wish they were on’.

    The weather sounds fantastic–especially with the cold snap here. My memory of dubai is slightly warmer than that (April temps) but I can imagine how perfect it must be with that temp–and getting to spend all the time outside, WITH DH as well as kids, fabulous!

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for coming back and commenting! 🙂 The cooler temps are such a blissful relief! It really is the exact opposite of Minneapolis – I remember when the winter would come to an end in Minnesota and we were all full of the joys of spring and getting outdoors again. It’s just like that, but in reverse, if that makes sense…Hope the cold snap in the UK ends soon. It’s too early to be cold! (although, that said, I do remember some chilly bonfire nights!). The thing I really miss, though, is the American Fall!

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