Silent Sunday: Glamping, UAE-style

I’ve discovered the most comfortable tent in the world – at the Banyan Tree Al Wadi resort in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. There were even desert gazelles wondering by. But just wait till you see what else was out the back…

Quite possibly the easiest, most hassle-free camping ever

2 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Glamping, UAE-style

  1. That’s my kind of camping!
    So exciting that you’re coming to the US this summer – do you think you might get a chance to come to New York? We’d love to have you to stay…..

    • We may be flying into New York! I already have you on my radar!!! Be so exciting to see you in the US! We can either fly into New York or Houston – horrendous flight obviously with the boys, so I’m hoping for a couple of days in NY, before onwards to MN. More from me as soon as we’ve checked flights, etc. Need to find a rental in MN too as our house still has tenants..and then need to get to London dodging the Olympics!

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