Silent Sunday: Gym rules part 2

I posted about the rules in our compound gym before. Today, I noticed there was another board of more-detailed corkers regulations on another wall. I’ve circled two of my favourites below:

But what about the grunters, I found myself thinking?

My prize, though, for the funniest gym rule (‘Please wipe sweat on the machines. Thank you’) still goes to Asia Vu, a wonderful blog about expat life in South Korea.

4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Gym rules part 2

  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out, but, I think the towels and gloves rule is actually funnier – better mental picture, you know! And honestly – the thing I hate in my gym is the guys who lift enormous weights and then drop them with an earthshaking crash that vibrates the whole building – repeatedly – despite the sign that says, “Please do not drop the weights.” I wouldn’t care if each subsequent crash didn’t take me by surprise – I’m just convinced someday I’ll fall off the elliptical trainer after one of them. It seems highly possible.

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