Silent Sunday: Home sweet home

Would you believe me if I told you that getting here involved a 2.5-hour run-in with US immigration at Chicago airport, a cancelled flight, lost luggage and a little incident with an American cop. Well, more about that later! But we made it, and I’m absolutely loving being in the States again after a four-year absence. Minnesota is as lovely as I remember it…and how cute is the house we’ve rented?

I especially love the fact it’s like the Tardis – bigger inside than it looks

But best of all was seeing our very own house again (pictured below and currently rented out)..Tissues, camera, memories…before DH whisked me away so the renters didn’t report us for suspicious activity.

Hmm, the renters aren’t taking as good care of it as I’d like, but no major problems at least

4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Home sweet home

    • Thank you! I was peering out the window over Chicago wondering where you lived!!!! Have LOVED being in the States again! Sadly, tomorrow we’re off again – and with just one hour at O’Hare to connect to our international flight, I feel another adventure coming on…

    • I agree…we’ve had several different tenants in the house now…at least they’re paying part of the mortgage. Still waiting for the housing market to improve – we bought at such a bad time unfortunately

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