Silent Sunday: Postcard from Bavaria

Reason #1 for loving Europe: Oversized beers served by Fräuleins in frilly dresses
#2: Teeny, tiny two-seater cars - the likes of which I wouldn't drive round Dubai in a million years!
#3: Crossing the border into Austria - and straight into a blizzard (the joy, after all the sand storms we've had)

#4: The Bavarian Alps - seen the next day after the weather cleared up enough to put the roof down on the car (still chilly though, brrr!)

#5: Fairy-tale castles that look like this when shrouded in cloud and scaffolding ...
... and like this if we'd gone on a sunny day

2 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Postcard from Bavaria

  1. Cherry Sulivan says:

    How fun! It’ll be a while before we go back to all of our pre-Calais traveling so am thoroughly enjoying seeing the world (sometimes, again and sometimes new) with you, Marianne. Too bad you couldnt’ tag along with hubby back here to MN because I would have taken you out to eat and we could have caught up with everything. Take care.

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