Silent Sunday: Rustic charm

There was an old woman who lived in a …. barrel? I know it should be shoe, but when I saw this photo – taken by my mother-in-law in Lebanon – it really reminded me of the nursery rhyme. Gives a new meaning to the phrase rolling countryside…

Lebanon barrel house

And, in reply to the lovely Ms Caroline in Seoul, who just pointed out that it looks like a hobbit house without grass on top, it is all real-sized. I cropped the photo above – here’s the original, with three cars parked outside!

Satellite dish too, I wonder!
Am wondering if there’s a satellite dish and Wi-Fi too!

4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Rustic charm

  1. That’s fascinating! Is that all real-sized, or are they miniatures? Reminds me a bit of a hobbit house only without grass on top!

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