The airport run

I don’t know about you, but the school holiday/Christmas combo wore me out – if I’d propped my eyelids open with cocktail sticks, I would still have fallen asleep.

And as BB’s school goes back a week later than nearly every other school in the world, I decided to take him home to his grandparents in England so they could do some advanced babysitting.

So here we are – in chilly Surrey (it’s 7 degrees and I arrived in flip-flops!), having got here by the skin of our teeth.

Suffice to say, our tickets – which were meant to be confirmed, weren’t – so standby it was, again. We tried four different flights over 24 hours, which involved lots of waiting (and you know how painful this can be with a small child in tow – personally I’d rather sit on those cocktail sticks), plus trotting backwards and forwards to the airport in a taxi.

On day 1, after our first crack-of-dawn attempt to get away, the taxi driver didn’t quite get that all we’d achieved that morning was an airport breakfast, and from the yawning I was doing presumed we’d just got off an international flight. So I went along with it. Later that day, we had afternoon tea at the airport too.

On day 2, after an even earlier start, the boarding pass fairy smiled on us and, with less than 45 minutes until take-off, we set off on a high-speed chase through passports and security to the gate – me dragging BB and our bags along at speed past Dubai International’s endless bling bling stores.

While everyone else settled down to enjoy a good movie, BB and I watched the map and counted down the minutes. "Look, Mummy - the front of the airplane has reached England. Are we in the front?"

The airplane, of course, was parked in the furthest-away spot, in the overflow parking by the airport fence, and we had to get to it by bus. As BB whined about how long the bus ride was taking – with eight hours of playing Tray Up/Tray Down, Light On/Light Off on the actual flight to go – my mood plummeted further.

The final hurdle was a seating problem. Having got the last two seats, BB and I were sitting in separate parts of the aircraft – and while I would have loved someone else, and even paid them good money, to sit next to him, this obviously wasn’t going to work. So I enlisted the help of a kindly cabin boy to ask passengers if they wouldn’t mind moving.

The shuffle that ensued resulted in a young man being left without a seat and, it was at this point, that my over-tired, over-active mind whirled into action, with visions of BB and I being deplaned.

“She doesn’t look like a terrorist,” I imagined the other passengers thinking, as I pictured us being marched off the aircraft. “Surely not with a child. Maybe they’re drug mules. No, the mother must be drunk. That’s it! She’s drunk – and in charge of a small boy! Disgraceful!”

Thankfully, my nice cabin boy returned and found the young man a seat – and we were on our way.

And so that’s how my relaxing break began. Just don’t get me started about the flight itself!

8 thoughts on “The airport run

  1. Hope you got there and all was well. Stand by is the invention of the devil. Why can’t you just buy a ticket and know you have it, rather like you buy a book? No one keeps you on tenterhooks as to whether your attempt to buy a book, or a box of cereal or a pair of trainers has been successful.

    • Hello Welshhillsagain! Thank you for visiting! I’ve just been over to your blog – really LOVE the stunning photography and well done on 5 years of blogging! That’s an achievement to be proud of. I have many happy memories of Wales..I’ll be back to get another Welsh fix soon!

  2. Ooh la la. Next time get Surrey to take a holiday in Dubai. Currently in same situation trying to get back to Dubai in time for school to start yesterday.

    • I do hope this message finds you back in Dubai! I thought travel would quieten down after Christmas, how wrong was I! Enjoy getting back to the old routine – and planning your next trip…x

  3. People who think this standby flying is all glamorous have it all wrong! Highly stressful, esp. with little ones. Glad you made it though and have a fantastic holiday, looking forward to catch up when you get back! xx

    • Looking forward to seeing you when we get back! Hope work is going well and the back-to-school routine goes ok – we’ll miss the first two days, then I’ll be so glad for some normality. See you soon! xox

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