Three-word Thursday

Sporadic work on a news magazine is always a nice change. It’s probably about the only time I stop worrying about what the children are (or aren’t) eating, what they’re getting up to, or into, and instead start worrying about Iran’s nuclear capability.

There HAS been a lot of activity at the airbase right by us, lately.

This aside, landing slap bang in the middle of a news office again has rendered me speechless this evening, so today’s post is inspired by something I heard on the radio on the way to work.

A school car park calamity! Also on Catboy’s Facebook page, it would appear this BMW-driving Dubai mum needed a break from the school run too (and look at the shadows of the other mums taking photos!)
Every Thursday, Dubai 92’s Catboy & Geordiebird invite listeners to leave three words on their Facebook page saying anything they like about their day. People put things like ‘Nursery today, yay!’, ‘Oh no dentist’, ‘Homemade fluffy PANCAKES’, ‘I’m in labour’ – you get the gist.

So, to join in the fun, here are my three-word Thursdays:

Nothing to wear

Traffic’s terrible again

Dubai is back

Late for school

Dodgy drop off [forgot LB’s pet fluffy duck]

Seriously? Slow down, lady! EDITED TO ADD: Though I think a consensus has been reached: She must have put the car in drive, not reverse
I’m at work

Two-day week!

No afternoon pickup!

Pea-soup brain

Adult world shock

Gossip round kettle

NEED office wardrobe

Missed the children

Iran’s VERY close

Oh no, traffic

Weekend’s here, yay!

Pizza or Lebanese?

Will kids lie-in?

Christmas is coming!

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  1. Have to say, I feel a little sympathy for her. She possible out the car in D instead of R. And we all know how sloppy the construction quality can be here. The wall is probably made of cardboard…

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