When the cat’s away…

It’s become a bit of a pattern in our household that whenever DH goes away on a trip (packs bag, disappears to the other side of the world), my corner of the planet starts throwing curveballs.

Thankfully, it’s usually only minor things, like being offered work on a day the children really need me, a poorly child, tantrums, a scrap between the boys that ends in injury. Or a household appliance breaking down.

Today, the car wouldn’t start after a playdate – at Motor City, of all places (maybe the car thought the autodrome looked more fun, or maybe I’ve watched Cars with the boys too many times). Again, though, this could have been so much worse, as anyone who’s broken down on the highway in 40 degrees heat, with children who need the toilet, will attest to.

Whilst I only got as far as Motor City today, DH gallivants the world
The sweet thing is, when DH is away, especially far away, like in Sydney last week or Seoul this week, he really worries about us.

“We’ll be fine,” I always say. “Don’t worry about us! What could go wrong?” I lie! [temping fate, I know!]

“I’m perfectly capable of looking after the children – and the cars,” I claim in mock indignation.

So, tonight when he skyped from South Korea after receiving my text about the broken-down car, I had some explaining to do.

“Erm, yes, the car. I just left it there. And the boys. Yes, both fine. But I have to work tomorrow, and so a complete stranger is picking LB up from school.”

Not a complete stranger, of course – she’s another (very nice) mum with a child in the same class who I talked to for the first time today after a moment of mummy desperation, in which I realised I couldn’t let LB (and our nanny) come hurtling home at 130kph in a taxi.

Now, I just have to keep everything crossed that LB actually agrees to go with her, walks to her car and climbs in it – because, as we all know, shepherding three-year-old children is rather like herding cats.

4 thoughts on “When the cat’s away…

  1. My DH used to travel for business quite a bit when my boys were smaller, and it did always seem that things went awry while he was gone, too. So glad you found a good solution to your problem, and don’t worry too much about LB-
    my experience has always been that my boys behaved much more nicely for everyone else than they did for me! I’m sure LB will do just fine! So nice that DH is here in Korea – I hope he brings you all the kimchi your heart desires!

    • He’s got Korea again next month too – it’s becoming quite a regular route for him! The thing I’m really relieved about is that he IS here for LB’s birthday party on the 6th – I had to book it all up without knowing his schedule. So glad I won’t be doing that by myself! Everyone is RSVPing yes, prob because it’s the first party of the school year -gulp!

  2. Funny post! How annoying that these things always seem to happen when your husband is away!! And yes, kind of like MsCaroline said, kids do tend to listen to behave differently when their mum’s aren’t around, so no doubt this will go (have gone?) well.

    • Thanks Michelle! It did go OK – just! He was FINALLY persuaded to leave with her – nearly got a call at work to come and get him. Now, of course, he wants to come home with her everyday! Children, so fickle!

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