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No, not on TV or anything like that, but I was quite excited today because a guest post I wrote called Circles in the Sky was published this morning on a website in America and I thought I’d link to it here because it’s my first guest column, plus it actually makes me sound quite experienced at something!

Not experienced in anything useful or lucrative, but in flying with little hellions – something many expat mums will be thinking about as we prepare to head home to reintroduce our children to grass, grandparents and wellies.

Apologies to those who’ve read parts of this before – it’s adapted from a blog in my archives, and, yes, you might notice that I don’t mention I’m married to a pilot. I figured a more competent, all-round more together pilot’s wife wouldn’t lose a child on board, or nearly cause the take-off to be halted, so I decided to gloss over this piece of information while regaling some of my travel tales.

Without much further ado … here’s a teaser. Just click on the link for Airports Made Simple below to read more:


Waiting at the gate for a flight from Dubai to London last year, Son #1 came out with: “We’re going to go up, up, up and then we’re going to C.R.A.S.H!” – announced loudly, repeatedly, and with suitable sound effects. No amount of shushing would stop him and nearby passengers started looking really scared. Read more at Airports Made Simple

6 thoughts on “Where I appeared Wednesday

  1. thelady8home says:

    hahahahaha!!! I LOVED this piece, super entertaining. Sorry for being entertained at your expense, but couldn’t help it. I raced through it. A lot of it sounded so familiar! I have faced those tantrums, and I still do, though not so much. They outgrow it, and in fact, in a recent flight, my 12 year old actually cradled me when I had dozed off into an exhausted slumber that had resulted from a lack of proper shut-eye for about a week when we moved across the State this winter.

  2. Cherry Sulivan says:

    I don’t usually forward your Circles in The Sand blog but I had to forward these stories to my mom friends from Calais’ French school who are use to traveling with their young children. It’s always heartening to hear others who have experienced the same adventures. Enjoyed them!

  3. Great piece – I could really relate to the toilet episode – Son#2 was terrified of using the airplane toilets for years – always a certain amount of drama. I must say it’s so much easier now – both turn on iPods, plug themselves in and more or less sleep for the duration with brief wakeful periods for food. That flight between Seoul and San Francisco is still waaaaay too long though!

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