Where I went Wednesday

I’ve been loving Mrs Dubai’s Wednesday slots – so far, ‘What I wore Wednesday’ and ‘What I ate Wednesday’.

I’m not even going to attempt a ‘What I wore’ meme because if you saw my outfit right now – navy jeans, a black t-shirt (with sequins but quite a few missing), pink strappy heels and a light grey Jimmy Choo bag that DH picked up in the knock-off markets of China – you’d be able to tell a mile off that I’m no fashionista. (Isn’t there something about not wearing navy and black together? Please tell me if I’m committing a heinous fashion crime!)

Since I’ve been running around today, I thought that for my own WIWW post I’d do ‘Where I went Wednesday’ as I’m always interested in what other people get up to, so here goes:

Yes, that's bling on the back of this pimped-out Hummer, stopped next to us at lights today

10am: Town Centre Jumeirah mall. Appointment with a Scottish nutritionist. This is a blog post in itself, so suffice to say: I’m seeing him because my blood sugar levels are all over the place (pre-diabetes apparently, following gestational diabetes twice). He told me last week my diet was ‘CARB-ICIDE’ and gave me a low-carb, cavewoman-style eating plan that’s actually working. 1kg weight loss so far and fewer cravings!

11.30am: Ace Hardware, Festival Centre to buy paint. I’m finally getting round to decorating the spare room and chose a couple of tones of green, with Canyon Dust for the ‘accent’ wall (you’d think, wouldn’t you, that being surrounded by desert would mean I wouldn’t want a sandy colour indoors, but it matched perfectly!) The plan is to create a lush-looking jungle room.

12.30pm: I should have been in Ikea, but DH had had enough.

1pm: Mirdiff City Centre. Quick stop for a low-GI Sumo Salad.

2-5pm: At home. With the kids, while on and off the computer trying to sort out school application admin.

5-6pm: The kitchen. DH took the kids out to get the car washed, while I cooked chicken in lemon-and-herb sauce, with roasted aubergine. I’m not the best cook so don’t be fooled into thinking this sounds delicious. It was ok.

7-8pm: Upstairs. Herding the boys through the bedtime routine and overseeing BB’s Arabic homework (gobsmacked when he actually wrote his name in Arabic – neater than he writes in English).

9pm: Costa Coffee. Stepped out to celebrate finally being paid for work I did 7 months ago, money I never thought I’d see. Hooray!

Quite a busy day in all. Tomorrow this mall rat is staying home.

2 thoughts on “Where I went Wednesday

  1. I’m wildly envious that you have both Ace Hardware and Ikea – closest one to us is in China, and I miss it terribly! I’m also envious that you get to paint your guest bedroom – all the apartments in Seoul are wallpapered (with some pretty strange wallpaper, in my opinion) – no painting for us!

    • Wallpaper, wow, really? I can imagine there’s some very interesting wallpaper! I actually bought some for a wall here, but I didn’t get enough to cover the wall (high ceilings here). By the time I got back to Ace, they’d discontinued that particular paper, lol! Good job I didn’t start! So sorry to hear there’s no Ace or Ikea – the store we all really miss is Target.

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