World’s fastest rollercoaster

When you’re given protective goggles to stop your eyeballs popping out, you know the ride you’re about to go on won’t be all about the view.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask DH, who – used to being in control of fast-moving metal in his job as a pilot – looks more nervous than I expected.

“Too late now,” he replies, as they lower the lap bar and the bright red Formula Rossa rollercoaster at Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World is prepared for launch.

It pulls out of the station to whoops and cheers from other riders, then we hear the launch mechanism (similar to those used to propell jets from aircraft carriers) connect to the carriage.

Suddenly, our world explodes into an insane blur of speed. The ride accelerates from standstill to a gut-squashing 150mph in just 4.9 seconds. It honestly feels like we’re being shot out of a canon.

Designed to simulate driving a Formula One car, it’s the fastest thrill ride in the world and the primal screams of its passengers ring out in the warm Arabian sunshine.

My innards feel like they’re being rearranged and my eyebrows nearly fly off when the G-force hits 4.8.

“Oh-my-God,” I scream as the car hurtles up a 170ft slope so fast I’m sure it’s going to take off like a rocket, then it plunges down at such break-neck speed I fear my stomach will pop out my mouth.

A minute-and-a-half later it’s all over, the brain-shuddering high-speed twists, turns and chicanes completed. Climbing out isn’t easy as my fingers need prizing from the restraint bar and my legs have turned to jelly.

“Would you do it again?” I ask DH, my throat dry with all the adrenalin and hair sticking out at right angles.

“No, we’ve done it now,” he says, quite sure of his answer. ‘No need to do it again.”

I really recommend it, though – if I survived, you will too!

More info at: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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  1. That sounds fantastic, you are so brave, I’d like to think I’d have a go but I know I’d be far to scared, well done! Glad you had fun, missing you so much already, ty for a wonderful holiday xx

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