You SHALL go to the concert!

I’ve just realised that this is all going to sound rather Cinderella-esque (minus the ugly sisters and the chimney sweeping), so bear with me!

Yesterday, the stars must have aligned as my day turned into such a treat – the cherry on top being spending the evening at the Media City amphitheatre watching one of my all-time favourite bands – indie rockers The Stone Roses – belt out their legendary tunes under the star-lit sky.

So, there I was, mopping the floor (okay, I wasn’t. I was doing some freelance work for a magazine), when the project came to a natural end and I was able to leave at lunchtime.

Remember this? Never thought I'd see them outside work, in Dubai!
Remember this? Never thought I’d see them outside work, in Dubai!
I skipped off to the mall, with five hours to spare! FIVE hours to enjoy being loose in the mall (with no children barnacled to my leg!). An almost overwhelming amount of time for a usually harried mum and as good as a mini spa break.

I had my hair done, and bought some shoes (not glass slippers, but some flats so I could jettison the work heels and stand all evening in comfort). Later, I picked up my ticket, and edged through the throngs of concert-goers to join my friend close to the stage.

The Stone Roses were amazing. It was honestly like stepping straight back into Uni. And, because this was a Dubai audience of, I’d say, mainly British expats of a certain age, the whole Manchester scene felt a long, long way away. There was no pushing or shoving; no peeing in the bushes, no drugs (just a queue 100-deep for Vodka Red Bull). The atmosphere was electric.

Now, I know you’re wondering at what point did I turn into a pumpkin. Well, I had to be home by midnight. I really did. My DH was leaving for London, so I had to be back on time – and I was – aided by my carriage still being parked in our work car park right next to the venue.

The fastest, jammiest get-away in the Middle East, I tell you.

If the children had let me sleep in this morning, my throw-back-to-student-hood would have been complete. But that would have been asking far too much, wouldn’t it?

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