Catching the bad boys in style

Being the mother of two small boys, I know all about boys and their toys, and the competitiveness that sometimes prevails.

I’m beginning to think that Dubai’s big boys are no different. This is a picture of a vehicle used by the Civil Defence to get to fires quickly. Somewhere inside, there’s hydraulic equipment, firefighting gear and first aid supplies.

The customised Corvette beats traffic to get to fires
The customised Corvette beats traffic to get to fires

Then, today, photos went viral of Dubai Police’s new supercar – a 1.5m AED (£300,000) Lamborghini Aventador, which the police say will help them patrol the emirate’s highways.

New toy: Lamborghini launched the car being added to theDubai Police fleet this year to celebrate its 50th anniversary
New toy: Launched by Lamborghini this year to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the car has been painted in Dubai Police green-and-white colours and is being added to their fleet

The police will at least get a head start (it does 0-60mph in 3 seconds flat), but I’m not quite sure how they’ll make arrests, given that there’s no backseat.

Still, if you did get carried off in it (don’t start getting ideas now, petrol heads!), you could at least feel you were getting a ride in David Hasselhoff’s Knight Rider.

And I’m just imagining the arguments that’ll go on at the police station. “It’s my turn to drive the Lamborghini today!” “No, it’s MY turn!”

"OK boys - 20 minutes each"
“OK boys – 20 minutes each”

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  1. I just can’t even imagine how they justified the expense – not to mention the whole ‘no backseat’ thing in the Lamborghini…but I’m guessing that justifying the expense is not an issue there, is it? ; )

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