7 thoughts on “Earthquake in the Middle East

  1. Yikes – didn’t realize the Middle East was earthquake -prone – glad all are safe around you. We had earthquakes (small ones) quite often when I lived in Taiwan as a kid. Nothing more than a slight feeling that you were off balance, or a swinging cord on the windowblinds. I always thought it felt kind of cool, but at that age I had no idea what devastation a real earthquake could cause.

    • I think the UAE isn’t considered high risk when it comes to earthquakes, but there’s a fault line running along Iran’s coast. Still, i wouldn’t have wanted to be up the Burj Khalifa when it happened! I’m sure I would have thought the same thing in Taiwan – fascinating description.

    • A friend in Mirdiff definitely felt it too – I wonder if some people are more sensitive to it. I think she felt the 2008 one too…The last time I just missed an earthquake was in Wales!

  2. I am out of town right now, but I do know how it feels like, because the last couple of times it happened I felt it very clearly, which wasn’t pleasant!

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