Overheard after flying (with kids)

Last week I was listening in on my two sons and LB’s best friend D, the cutest boy with the most beautiful white-blonde curls.

“Just look at those gorgeous curls,” I always say to his mother, as though she hasn’t noticed!

D’s dad is also a pilot and D had just returned from a trip home to see family in South Africa. We’d just got back from visiting my in-laws in Lebanon and LB and D were over the moon to see each other again.

In between discussing D’s new pirate ship, the three boys started talking about their trip. Obviously, being expat children, seeing family involves an airplane ride and it made me smile how small boys, who know no other way, view the mode of transport that takes them *home*.

BB: “I just got back from Leb-alon.”

LB: “And meeee!”

BB: “What country did you go to D?”

D: “Af-rika!”

BB: “Is that a long way?”

D: “Yes. But my daddy’s airplane went fast! Like this….whoooooosh”, pretending his fingers were an airplane and whizzing them through the air.

LB: “Whooooosh,” for effect.

BB: “But my daddy’s airplane went faster than yours,” his hand turning into a blur of motion as he illustrated high speed.

D: “No, it didn’t! My daddy’s airplane went super-fast!”

Followed by a detailed explanation from BB of the games he played on the in-flight entertainment system.

It’s a funny ole’ lifestyle sometimes, but never seems to phase little boys.

With a ‘need for speed’ already ingrained, heaven help us when they’re 16!

Wishing all my American mom friends a very happy Mother’s Day next weekend!

10 thoughts on “Overheard after flying (with kids)

  1. Ah, little boys – always comparing. I must say this is a bit of a variation on the conversations my boys had when they were small…they were just comparing how fast their Daddies’ cars went! On the other hand, I love the way the little ones at school casually tell me where they spent their holidays – Bali, Phuket, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam – no big deal. Sometimes you have to step back and remind yourself what an unusual life you’re leading!

  2. I overheard my daughter and her friend at that age discussing holidays. My daughter said we were going to spain on our holidays. Her friend said they were going to Cape Cod and my daughter asked “Where’s that?”. Her friend replied “I don’t know”. I love the innocence of it!!!!

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