What I saw Wednesday

I’m back at work – which feels good and it pays for the kids’ snacks, sometimes even the loo roll.

The view from the office is rather magnificent – blue sea, sandy beaches and the Palm on one side, and the city’s gleaming skyscrapers on the other side. On a really clear day, when we’re not peering through sand, we can even see as far as the next emirate.

As being back at work means I actually get to have adult conversations, I thought that for my Wednesday meme this week, I could also do ‘What I said’ (not much, as it turned out, but slightly more interesting than telling the kids off all day).

Keep in mind that, being freelance, I’ve just had a fairly long period of work famine, so I’m not normally the office idiot. Here goes…

“Umm, how do I switch this computer on?”

“It’s 111 degrees, really? But it’s only the beginning of May!”

“No, I haven’t been sun bathing, honestly. Just running after the kids outside.”

“Could someone please tell me the password again?”

“I know, I haven’t been in the office for ages. I’ve been, erm…” [tried to not talk about the kids too much, or my burst of housewifely spring cleaning, clearing out cupboards, drawers, etc, and being quite proud of the results!]

“Oh, the company’s got a new name. Top Right Drawer? No, Top Right Group. Wow. And L became the editor – in January. I’m really behind.”

“YES, I’d LOVE to do lunch!”

[Via text to DH]: “Sad I’m missing BB’s school assembly. He never told us it was a play they’ve been rehearsing for weeks. Will he know his lines, d’you think?” [*really* wished I was there. Turned out he was a tree and didn’t have much to say!]

[On my way home, to myself]: “Omg, what have they done to this roundabout! It’s completely changed. Where the hell’s my exit???” [while spinning round the intersection like a Weeble with an inner-ear infection]

[At home, to my 6yo]: “Right, BB, time to do homework. Spellings, reading.” [I’m sure I didn’t have homework until my teens]

And so to bed. Because, as much as I’m delighted to be working again, the thing is you not only have to stay all day, but you have to turn up the next day too.

6 thoughts on “What I saw Wednesday

  1. Wow, you work in a really tall building! I had dinner once near the Burj Al Arab. Nice location- for us tourists anyway.
    Glad to hear your kids don’t share stuff either – I usually get an early morning “But you have to be there today” when they announce they have something on.

    • It’s about 25 floors up! And I’ve got the window seat at the moment! It is lovely around the Burj Al Arab – if you come to Dubai again, I can highly recommend the high tea at the Burj! Hope you had a great time in Dubai 🙂

  2. I can relate – it was very nice to go back to work after months rattling around the apartment – even more so after Son#1 left for University. Of course, since I work with children, it’s a bit different, but I still enjoy the change. As far as the assembly goes – I think almost every parent has this experience at least once. After missing one thing too many, though, I became very paranoid. If there was *any* chance that parents might be in attendance, I emailed the teacher. I’m sure they hated me, but at least I did a better job of showing up…

    • But far better to email the teacher than just turning up in case!! I don’t remember having so much parent involvement back in the day – or maybe I should ask my mum!

  3. Great post – very funny! Don’t worry, I have missed lots of things at school – usually because I didn’t know they were happening until the day before. I am always being told that ‘hundreds of mummies’ turned up to something which I assumed would be quite low key….

    • I’ve promised myself I won’t miss the next big thing at school – kindergarten graduation!! Having DH around in the day a lot is really helpful with these school things as he can often go instead! In fact, he was in school so much a while ago, he started wondering if the teachers and mums just assumed he didn’t have a job!

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