Silent Sunday: Hello Asia!

It’s not often that the stars align to allow DH and I to go on a trip sans kiddos, but this weekend they did, and we found ourselves in Hong Kong for 48 blissful, and did I say child-free, hours! (technically, I was tagging along, joy-riding on DH’s flight, while he worked his socks off flying there and back, but a girl has to grab some quality time with her man and the street markets when she can).

I’d honestly never seen such an incredible variety of goods for sale – you can literally revamp your wardrobe, buy a pet goldfish and entertain a child one street at a time
I’ve also never seen so many gaz-illions of people – 63,000 per square kilometre apparently. I must have bumped into at least a thousand of them whilst weaving through the crowds
And ALL connected and tapping away on electronic devices, on the go (even while walking)
With such a dense population it’s not surprising that the spread of infection is a concern, and I saw plenty of people wearing masks (along with signs on the metro saying anti-bacterial coating had been applied to the handrails, in addition to frequent disinfecting)
I loved the teeming metropolis though – from the lights to the shopping to the fusion of Chinese and Western influences, Hong Kong totally rocks

8 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Hello Asia!

  1. Karen M says:

    Hong Kong should appoint your as her ambassador. Hope you will go there again and share your experience with us, avec les enfants ou pas.

  2. Awwww….when I saw the title in my Google Reader, I thought you might finally be coming to Seoul! It is amazing how much your photos of Hong Kong look like Seoul – from the markets to the germ masks right down to all the iPhones on the subway – looks like a wonderful trip! But I must ask: did you happen across any kimchi while you were there? ; )

  3. I love Hong Kong! I think I have to plan for a re-visit soon! Looked like you had a great time AND made it back! 🙂

  4. jen says:

    oh… i lived in shenzhen, china- right across the border from hong kong for 4 years and visited there so often. i miss it so much! your pictures make me homesick. living in doha, qatar now. glad you enjoyed your trip!

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