Starsky & Hutch security

For the most part, the compound in which we live is a quiet place.

Apart from occasional activity at the nearby airbase (oh, and the ear-splitting sound of the Russian cargo planes that buzz us nearly every night), there’s definitely an air of calm about our community.

Located out of the city, in a vast expanse of never-ending desert, it feels very safe, family-friendly and removed from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

The security guards who work here don’t exactly have a hard job. They man the entrance, waving in anyone who looks like an expat, and are seen walking round the compound looking for trouble – of which there’s usually none.

Their biggest excitement took place a couple of weeks ago, when the perpetrator of one of the few petty crimes to have been committed out here was busted. A housemaid, most likely from an impoverished background, allegedly stole a bicycle, somehow chopped it up into pieces and tried to get it out of the compound in a truck.

She was caught in the act and security swooped in Starsky and Hutch style. The police were called and sped into our community at break-neck speed, their lights flashing and a whirl of dust in their wake.

I honestly thought someone must have been shot in an expat gin-fueled domestic bust-up, the police officers moved so fast.

You see, a stolen bicycle is about as exciting as it gets if you’re a security guard working out here – which probably explains why they have to find things to do to keep themselves busy.

Like ambling around checking on parked cars.

My next-door neighbour left her vehicle parked in front of her villa, with the windows down, for an hour yesterday and discovered this note on the car.

In case you can’t read it, it (very politely) says, “Pls close your vehicle window glasses properly. Thank you”.

How I wish I had THAT MUCH time on my hands – but my favourite is number 3.

“……………….is leaking from your car and spoiling the appearance of the parking area.”

One can only imagine what they’ll come up with to fill in the blank.

6 thoughts on “Starsky & Hutch security

  1. Ha! Poor things do sound a bit bored. Sounds like the parking attendant in our apartment building. He gets out every evening and waves a light wand to ‘direct’ the traffic coming into our two high-rise buildings after work. No one actually pays any attention to him(well, I try, but his gestures aren’t really clear, so you never know if he wants you to stop or go), they just drive when and where they want to, but it makes him feel like he’s doing something.

  2. With the heat you have to live with, being bored may be better than being overworked in that hot sun!

    I hear that crime rate is very low in general in Dubai, is that true?

    • You’re right on both fronts Lesley! The crime rate is low here, for various reasons. I’ve definitely noticed that parents keep their children on a looser rein here than they would in, say, the States or the UK. Thanks for stopping by!

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